Flight series Parang Kilamba Kiaxi SHOW NO PAIN
Super Tomorrow series Sea of Ash Chocolate City Between Rot and Genesis
Untitled (Vuwani) Excuse me, while I disappear. The Republic of Luanda The Other Half
Maximum Force Flies. Tar series Entertainment
Posuban As Above, So Below. 100 Suns series END GAME (Standard Bank Young Artist Award)
Institutional Race of Man Untitled (View from the CN Tower) This is your world in which we grow..
For most of the many, much of the time. Will to Power Robinson Crusoe series When enough people start saying the same thing.
o Milionário Miserável LHR-JNB La Tenda Rossa True/Story
Howizter Fetish The Battles Buildings and Other Pastures Or Until the World Improves
Motorcycle Fetish Death from Above    
The Wanderer The Great Man of History Template  


Fetish series Heart of Darkness    
FARO™ RLV 3-10 The Healthy World of Primitive Building Methods    
Future Proof Reclining Figure, 1959    
The Real Thing White Skin, Black Masks    
Unit series The Revel Fox    
Do Not Feel Twenty Second Johannesburg Biennale    
Grosse Légumes      
Historical Materialism      
Onan the Magnificent      
Mercantile Capitalism      
The Ossuary      
Amicus Curiae
Fortune & Condition
One man struggles, while relaxes.
Fuller, Further, Faster, Better
Infinite Progress
Level 9
Private Grammar
Incests Cannot Know Love
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
African National Congress
A Luta Continua
Comrade series
Young Liars series
Champagne Socialists
The Economy of Modernity