Untitled (Vuwani)
Bone, concrete, salvaged timber (door fragment from Mawela Primary School, Vuwani, Limpopo)
3200 x 410 x 430 mm


"In Vuwani – a rural town in Limpopo Province, South Africa - a community went about burning schools in an organised manner following a decision by the Municipal Demarcation Board to incorporate Vuwani into a new municipality. A total of 20 such schools have to date been burnt or significantly vandalised. The actions may be linked to the toxic politics of patronage and local looting of the public purse, and it would appear that Vuwani’s move to a new municipality may have a devastating impact on some ‘tenderpreneurs’. The struggle over demarcation has been shaped by old Bantustan borders and identities and has also become an ethnic conflict. As the ANC loses support in the cities, it is increasingly rooted in the former Bantustans and arguably in local ethnic identities.”

THE MERCURY Newspaper, Durban, South Africa (19 May 2016)

Michael MacGarry, contemporary African art, African art, contemporary art, Africa, sculpture