True / Story
Solo exhibition
KZNSA Gallery, Durban
12 February – 9 March 2008

For the solo exhibition titled True/Story, I presented a series of artefacts, sculptures and props included in my recent photographs as well from a series of filmic artworks that at present do not exist in a material form. A number system used in a large information panel on the wall at the far end of the gallery outlined the scripts, treatments and ideas behind the photographs and films the objects were used in, and related to the numbering system on the objects themselves. The intention was that visitors would observe the objects, then read how they were used along with the ideas for the projects themselves as well as see the final film stills and the photographs with the objects present in a mediated form. The title of the exhibition True/Story acknowledges the binary logic inherent in this process, with the objects having a material reality, if not strictly a truth to them, and conversely the information panel articulated a series of narratives and stories. With the '/' device ultimately signifying the role of the gallery visitor in both simultaneously tying together and pulling apart these components.

Michael MacGarry, contemporary African art, African art, contemporary art, Africa, sculpture