FARO™ RLV 3-10
Laser-cut mild steel, found and bought objects, epoxy, enamel paint
2300 x 1600 x 2460 mm

FARO RLV 3-10, is a fictional, unmanned field artillery cannon (Remote Land Vehicle) of the Nigerian Federal Army in the year 2024, conceived, designed and manufactured by the artist, principally in mild steel. Informing the work is the idea that, in all probability, the United States will in our lifetime engage in military activities against the Federal Republic of Nigeria, under the rubric of ensuring security, peace and stability in the country and the region - at the same time actively securing a reliable source of scarce energy. Faro RLV 3-10 aims to manifest a mechanical, physical resistance to this imperial expansion from a possible future Nigerian state, which might one day build its own defence and military hardware rather than draining domestic GDP by importing such technology and consumables. The (fictional) history of the RLV 3-10 is that it was designed and manufactured by FARO™ (Nigerian Military Industries) in Abuja in 2024, and saw active service in peace-keeping missions to Sudan (2025) and in both US invasions of Nigeria - Operation Sovereign (2026) and Operation Permanent Liberty (2031).


Michael MacGarry, contemporary African art, African art, contemporary art, Africa, sculpture