As Above, So Below.
Written, directed and edited by Michael MacGarry
HD video
8 minutes 43 seconds
Colour, stereo, 25 fps
Edition 5 +2 A.P.


In 1836, after five years circumnavigating the globe, Charles Darwin arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on Africa’s southern peninsula.
On the morning of the 1st of June he was taken ashore with his valet.

Darwin was never seen again.



Of all there are.
Have been,
Will be.

Of all this,

These hands, with bodies.
That loose their heads.

The tide of life’s lost shape,
Picked clean by ambition.

Now and forever we shades
of lost quick, Youth.

To begin anew on rented hours.

For the cool charm of phantom illusion,
These lethal dreams;

Fate hates us.


Jaco van Schalkwyk
Rodan Kane Hart
Antonio Pedrosa

Written and directed - Michael MacGarry
Editing & Sound Design - Michael MacGarry
Cinematography - Michael Cleary, Michael MacGarry
Visual FX - Christo Jansen Niemand
Executive Producer - Gordon Institute of Creative & Performing Arts (GIPCA)
Shot on location in Langebaan, South Africa

62nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
shnit International Shortfilmfestival 2016
24th Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival










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